Help notes

The HATZ purchasing platform gives you, as a potential supplier, the opportunity to download tender documents for projects and submit the associated quotes and offers.

Once you are a HATZ online supplier, we will keep you informed by e-mail of current projects open to tender in your goods and materials group(s).

Technical Requirements

  • Browser:
    To use the purchasing platform, your browser must be the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox. We cannot guarantee that our site will display or function correctly if your browser is older than or different from those we have named.
  • Screen resolution:
    Your screen resolution must be set at least 1024*768 pixels for optimum efficiency.
  • Java script and cookies:
    Therefore your browser settings should permit Java script and cookies.
  • Page navigation:
    To navigate around the purchasing platform, we recommend that instead of the browser’s forward and back buttons you use the menu links – otherwise you will often have to refresh the page contents manually.