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Motorenfabrik Hatz welcomes you to its Purchasing Department

As a company operating on the international scene, we are always on the look-out for dynamic suppliers. We are interested in forging long-term relationships with our suppliers as partners so that both benefit from the business this generates. That does not mean that we always make things easy for you! We have exacting standards and expect competitive prices, flexibility, reliability and quality.

The HATZ purchasing platform gives you, as a potential supplier, the opportunity to download tender documents for projects and submit the associated quotes and offers. In the protected area you can also find generally valid documents in actual version. E.g. coating instruction, cleanness requirement, casting norms, template for initial sample inspection report (ISIR).

But before you can use the platform, you must first apply to be an online supplier. So please go to registration.
Once we have classed you as an online supplier, we will e-mail you your access details, so that you can log on to enter the protected supplier area. Please go to help notes for a more detailed description of the purchasing platform and the technical requirements needed for using it.

We look forward to receiving your online application as a potential supplier.

Goods and materials group

Here you will find a summary of the goods and materials groups that you can register to supply. Click on ‘details’ for further information and how to make contact with the relevant purchasing staff.

no. picture Goods and materials group details
1 electric components details
2 coolers, fans details
3 absorb sound- and embank heat material details
4 heat treatment, assembly, surface treatment details
5 plastics moldings and molded rubber parts details
6 filter details
7 gaskets details
8 fittings details
9 power train components details
10 valves, including seat rings and guides details
11 turn parts details
12 connecting elements, DIN- and normed parts details
13 springs and wire bend parts details
14 sintered parts (including tool sets) details
15 ball-/roller bearings and slide bearings (including bearing bushes) details
16 aluminium castings details
17 grey and steel iron castings details
18 die forgings from steel details
19 machining details
20 sheetmetal parts 2-dimensional details
21 sheetmetal parts 3-dimensional details
22 pistons and equipment details
23 fuel-injection-equipment details
24 Fuel pressure pipes (metal) details
25 other production material details
26 parts for fastening, mounting and covering details
27 welded constructions details