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Help notes

The HATZ purchasing platform gives you, as a potential supplier, the opportunity to download tender documents for projects and submit the associated quotes and offers. But before you can use the platform, you must first apply to be an online supplier. So please go to registration.

As soon as we have classed you as an online supplier, we will e-mail access details to you, but first we must have your written acceptance of our Usage Rights Agreement. Use your access details to log on to enter the protected supplier area. This will give you access to project tender invitations and enable you to upload your quotes and tenders.

Once you are a HATZ online supplier, we will keep you informed by e-mail of current projects open to tender in your goods and materials group(s). After logging on, go to the supplier area in the purchasing platform to see lists of projects with a detailed description, the contact name and the last date for submissions. You can download the associated tender documents and any other documentation. Completing the tender document and returning it to us constitute a binding tender for that particular project.

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