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Code of Conduct for Suppliers



1. Environmental protection and energy efficiency

Environmental protection is an integral part of the sustainable corporate culture of Motorenfabrik Hatz. For this reason, it is expected of all suppliers that they also minimize the dangers for the environment, deal with natural resources in a conservative manner and adhere to the respective applicable national environmental laws and regulations. It is also expected that the supplier works on the continuous improvement of his or her energy and environment-related processes and products, ideally by demonstrating suitable management systems for environmental protection and energy management.



2. Human rights, occupational safety and health protection

The supplier undertakes to comply with the human rights pursuant to the “General Declaration of Human Rights” of the United Nations and shall respect and support the principles of the “United Nations Global Compact.” These principles require companies to recognize, support and put into practice a catalog of basic values within their sphere of influence.


The Motorenfabrik Hatz expects compliance with the respective applicable national employment rights and the recognition of the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) as well as the rights established by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In addition, the supplier shall observe the employment rights with regard to the freedom of association as well as national applicable standards and guidelines regarding remuneration and working hours.


The supplier must observe the national applicable regulations regarding occupational safety and health protection. As a part of this, the supplier must take measures – for example in the form of training sessions – to improve the occupational safety, to prevent occupational illnesses and to minimize health or accident risks as much as possible.



3. Child labor

The Motorenfabrik Hatz does not employ any children and fundamentally calls its suppliers to refrain from any form of child labor. The suppliers are in any case to observe and comply with all applicable national regulations.



4. Forced labor

The supplier also undertakes to refrain from any form of forced labor or compulsory labor.



5. Anti-trust and competition law

The Motorenfabrik Hatz expects its suppliers to comply with the applicable laws of the national anti-trust and competition law.



6. Anti-corruption

The Motorenfabrik Hatz opposes any kind of corruption and does not tolerate any violations. Accordingly, the Motorenfabrik Hatz also expects its suppliers not to tolerate or engage with any form of corruption or bribery in any way, including unlawful payment offers or similar benefits to influence decision-making.



7. Avoiding conflicts of interest

The Motorenfabrik Hatz makes any business-related decisions based on objective criteria and not based on private interests or relationships. They expect the same from their suppliers.



8. Compliance with the code

In cooperation with their suppliers, it is the aim of the Motorenfabrik Hatz that this code be sustainably implemented throughout the entire supply chain. Therefore, the Motorenfabrik Hatz forcefully expects from their supplier to forward the objectives and requirements of this code also to their sub-supplier in order to comply with the same.


In the event of suspected violations of the requirements of this code (e. g. negative media reports, information from employees, etc.) the Motorenfabrik Hatz reserves the right to request more detailed information about the corresponding issues and to perform audits in order to eliminate this suspicion or to possibly initiate further action.


If the supplier does not generally adhere to the regulations of this code, this will be interpreted by the Motorenfabrik Hatz as a significant impairment to the contractual relationship and contractual bases. In these cases, the Motorenfabrik Hatz reserve the right to terminate the agreed contract with the supplier extraordinarily without notice.